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Custom Designs

Electrical outlets, switches and fixtures:

- Final number and location of Fixtures is determined by a walk-through of the home with the building contractor once the home is framed to suit individual wants and desires without compromising Building Permit.


Site Plans:

- Each buildings site is different, our plans cannot include a Site Plan as part of our Package.- We can supply an autoCad drawing file (dwg) or Adobe drawing file (PDF) to a Registered Land Surveyor showing the outline of the foundation suitable to produce a Site Plan to obtain a building permit.


Shear Walls (tall Walls):

- Over-height (Shear) walls, Structural Pads, Post and Beam Construction, Roof and Floor trusses, in some cases requires the services of a Professional Engineer registered in the Local Jurisdiction. Your local Municipality will advise where these additional documents are required. In most cases the Roof and Floor Manufacture/Supplier will provide the proper documents.



- A Forced Air Furnace with a standard Hot Water Tank is standard in our drawings. Other Mechanical Systems can easily be substituted by a qualified Mechanical Engineer.


Foundation systems:

- Foundation Systems standards will vary depending on local Authorities or if in a Controlled Subdivision a specific type of foundation could be required. Most of our plans are drawn with standard concrete foundation walls on footings or slab on grade as per the NBC (National Building Code). A Structural Engineer should be consulted to select a foundation system that is best suited for your home.


Please confirm with your local Municipality before Construction begins. In most cases, the Municipality will ‘As built’ the Building permit (Plans) and no changes to the Plans are required.

Home Design
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