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Project Management

As a Certified Project Management Professional with over 20 Years experience in the construction industry, we offer and use the latest and most comprehensive Project Management Techniques available. 

Every Project tells a story about its Goals, Team, Timing and Deliverables and the Gale Project Management Team is the right choice to tell that story for your Project. We have expertise from working  on someone's home to Multi-Billion Dollar World Class Projects encompassing all trades and sub-contractors. No matter how big or small, its the details that matter and we know the details and requirements to get the job done and done right, on time and within budget.


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Our Applications


At Gale Home Designs we will build your Home Project Management Portfolio that entails:

  • A photo album to capture memories and Share Ideals

  • An event calendar

    • To celebrate milestones like "Footings are Complete" or reminders that you need to choose the type of windows.

    • Schedule critical activities like the whirlpool tub need to be placed before the framing is complete.

  • Project Updates

  • A construction schedule both detailed and summarized so that both you and your contractor can benefit.

  • Latest News and Updates on the best Construction Materials, Techniques and Energy Efficiency


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